June 17, 2012

Indigo Night

Possibly one of the coolest things I've come across in a long time. Indigo Night is a site that takes the night sky on the date you request, and puts it into picture form for you. While there is just about any backdrop you want (beach, city, country, mountains, lakes etc) I chose to do one over Mt. Hood, the night Amelia was born. They give you a photo, a star map so you can locate each star, and state the longitude and latitude of where the picture was taken. Pretty neat if you ask me!

While somewhat pricey, it's totally worth it! I bought one for Eric for Father's Day, and had it framed. It looks fantastic and I can't wait for us to hang it up :)

 *Updated with a picture*

 Sorry about the quality. I didn't have the good camera, and was getting all glare (this was the best angle believe it or not). It is MUCH more beautiful in person!


Melissa said...

Can we see a picture of it? :)

Demetria said...

Done! Sorry about how the picture turned out, but you get the idea.