June 24, 2012

Let's talk weight

     This has always been a struggle for me in adulthood. Up until high school, I didn't have very many issues since I played sports and my parents made healthy meals. Fast forward to college and beyond, and the weight has slowly crept on. I totally get how people say "I have no idea how this happened". I mean, you see it slowly creep, so it's not like you woke up one day and said "WOW, I'm overweight!". Sadly, it's more like a gradual change that is easy to write off.

     In my head I have been referring to my weight loss in decades. Each 10 lbs = 1 decade :)  I have already lost one decade, and I'm quickly approaching a second.... though technically it's cheating because I started off at a low end of one decade. I would like to shave 5-6 decades off which makes for a long journey ahead of me!
     I've been doing this weight loss challenge with a few friends, and it has helped immensely! It was a $15 initiation fee, and $2 for every lb gained or $2/week if no weight is lost. So far I have overall lost 13lbs since trying to watch what I eat, and it's coming off at a steady 1 to 2 lbs a week. Perfect! (Though I secretly wish I could shave off 50 lbs and call it a day).

So this is me.

     Granted I was 8 months pregnant, but you get the idea. Not only had I started off overweight before getting pregnant, I gained more while pregnant. Not to displace blame, but my troubles trying to get pregnant, and all the medications I took did not help. I had become pretty depressed and drank more often than I should have.

     So, fast forward to today... I am happier and slowly losing decades. While it may take me quite some time, I'm determined to do it for myself and my family. I thought if I publicly talk about it, it may give me more motivation. I'll try and post pictures along the way
I think my next step is to research healthy recipes that helps out a working mom :) Time is not something I have much of nowadays!!

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