August 24, 2012

I am now officially a Weight Watcher's member!

So I took the plunge today when I found a coupon for 30% off the first month. Instead of it being close to $43, I only paid $29.95. Love a good deal!

So with this $29.95, I get unlimited meeting attendance and online tools. I remember when I had joined half-assed some years back, that the online recipes helped me out quite a bit. I was able to cook for both my husband and myself, but using healthier options for meals. This time I am going all in.... I WILL conquer being overweight!

Flab to fab, here I come ;)



Katib77 said...

I think you are Fab already! But good luck in making your view of your outside match what we all see on the inside.

Demetria said...

Thank you Kati, you are too sweet :)