August 19, 2012

The light is on!

So this weekend I had an epiphany. Like a Whoa, how the eff did I not realize this before!!

I have known in my head that I had weight issues for quite some time now, but I literally had a light bulb go off in my head. I CAN lose weight, I just to limit certain eternal factors in order to complete my goal!
Read: No trying to get pregnant, no late night glasses of wine (or in general no alcohol), and no fatty pick-me-up foods. Add in to this mixture birth control pills, after dinner gym time (after the wee one goes to bed) and meal planning, and VOILA! A happier me.

I have been charting to get pregnant again (My Chart)- for those who don't know my story, I conceived my daughter via IUI (Intrauterine Insemination). It took 4 tries and lots of medication in order to bring this beautiful little girl into our lives. I don't ovulate on a regular basis. Hell, I hardly ever ovulate. My charting has shown this to be true yet again, which brings me to realize we will need to go the medical route again to conceive a sibling. I am not physically ready, nor mentally ready to do this, so what perfect timing to concentrate on feeling better on the inside by losing weight? While I always said I would never go back on BCP's (birth control pills), I feel like this is the only sane way I can focus 100% of my attention on my health and fitness. I always think/dream in the back of my head "what if I'm pregnant", which leads me to go easy on myself.

So here are my goals:

1. Make appointment with OBGYN to get on BCP's

2. Set specific days of the week to workout

3. Try to take the stairs, or do any kind of 'additional' mini workouts on those off days

4. Pack my lunch daily for work

Here's a few pictures from this past week of fun at the fountains that helped me finally get it. While I am not fond of these photos (or sharing them for that matter), they are me, and I am beautiful (I mean that in the most self-loving, non conceited way). I will feel much healthier and be happier once I am at a healthy weight... and sharing these photos as I go will help me get there.


This time is for realsies. I HAVE to make a change for myself, my family, and especially my daughter. I want to be a healthy example for her.

So here I go!

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