October 1, 2012

Freezer meals revealed!!

They turned out great!! We have a small freezer, so I was worried with how much I could store, but it fit perfectly :) So I spent a good 5 or so hours prepping/cooking/cooling and packaging my meals for the almighty freezer (not all of them cooked, many frozen raw for future cooking), but boy was I happy to be done! There were a few times I had to hit pause since Mimi would wake up from a nap, but with that said, it was the BEST 5 hours of my life spent. So far we've eaten 3 of the meals (the meatballs shown below, lasagna and tortellini soup), and they have been great! I got the recipes here at This Lady's House (This George Romney Meatballs pictured below was fabulous)..... I made many of the freezer meals listed here at Ring Around The Rosie's blog,and also loved the one's here at Dreaming of Poultry. Fantastic ideas!!
Here's a few of the meals I made- once you split the meals in half, I ended up with about 15 or so meals ready to be frozen. Not bad for $200 of *organic food right? :) 
Already prepared nightly meals = one happy mama!!
* Our family tries to eat as many organic products as possible (this usually includes meat, dairy and at least the dirty dozen veggies)

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